Please read and understand the Privacy Policy in its entirety before using TQ-Proxy services. This policy covers the data processing practices and usage of TQ-Proxy and TQ-Proxy services.


  • Information we do not collect

We do not track or log browsing history.

We do not collect personal data. 

We do not monitor user activity while you are using our Services. 

We do not modify or store any proxy data. 


  • Information we collect

We collect whatever information is provided to us via App Stores, our webpage or emailed to us.


  • Shared information

We value your privacy and data, we do not plan to share or have access to any personal user data. 

This may not apply to the mobile releases, since due to the nature of mobile Operating Systems, we cannot prevent data collection from occurring. The data collected is mainly information on how long the app was used for, when it was opened, closed, and the model of your device. This information may also be associated with Google or Apple accounts.


  • Your rights and obligations

The content you access, send, receive, or submit using TQProxy is yours. How and what you use this information or data for is up to your own judgement. If you choose to upload or share content, please ensure that you have the appropriate rights to do so and that the data is lawful. We are not responsible for what and how you use TQ-Proxy.


  • Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may make adjustments or updates to our Privacy Policy from time to time. You are obligated to check for any updates to the Privacy Policy. If any major adjustments or updates are made to the Privacy Policy, we will give you adequate notice before they become effective. The continued use of our Products or Services will be considered as your acceptance of our updated Privacy Policy.


  • Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or about your data and how it is handled, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]